Svenstrup & Vendelboe touch ‘Touch Me’

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We’re still reeling from the sheer aceness of Electric Lady Lab’s comeback with a new single earlier this month, the sublime ‘Touch Me’. But here they go again regardless, bestowing another level of generous genius upon us, where that song is concerned.

It’s the arrival of the Svenstrup & Vendelboe remix. Regular readers will already know that we love us a bit of remixology from those two delicious Danes. But if you aren’t familiar with their earlier work, click on the ‘Svenstrup’ or ‘Vendelboe’ tag at the bottom of this article to browse a pretty good starting point. Anyway, naturally we were overjoyed to learn that that Danish pair (Svenstrup & Vendelboe) were remixing that Danish pair (Electric Lady Lab).

Does it live up to our expectations?


There’s not a lot going on in the verses, it has to be said. But this only serves to highlight how good the choruses then are, once they follow on. They’ve taken the right parts of the original a-ha track which ‘Touch Me’ samples, plus they’ve accentuated the beauty of what Electric Lady Lab did with it. Of course we still prefer ELL’s regular single edit – that’s one of our favourites songs of the year – but this remix is great too.


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