Listen to the happy sound of Summer…

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We’re very pleased to announce the return of Belle to pop music! And not just her return, but the fact that she’s brought with her one of the purest of bubblegum pop gems that we’ve heard in a very long time.

She’s back with ‘Sound Of Summer’, an unbelievably catchy little pop number that sounds like that great era of europop music in the late nineties and early noughties. It’s so saccharine, it’ll make your teeth hurt, and so infectiously dancey, it’ll make your feet hurt. The production is pop perfection, throwing in lots of different elements of great pop and dance music. There’s a singalong ”ey up a day-eeh oh” hook; trance synths; that special thing that dance music does when it makes the music sound like it’s coming through the closed doors of a club; and then during the last chorus they even throw in some Star Pilots-esque 80’s drums. They’ve done their homework on what makes a great scandipop song, and they’ve gone and presented it in an honours class dissertation!

Belle, from Sweden, releases ‘Sound Of Summer’ in BeNeLux next week, and other territories will follow later in the Summer. There’s a remix package coming later this week though, with a quite brilliant concept to it. It’ll be five different remixes, by five different producers, from five different countries. We don’t think that’s an idea that’s been thought of, or certainly pushed before, but it certainly makes way for the possibility of five very unique mixes that will offer something special to different territories. We haven’t heard them yet so we can’t comment, but we’re very intrigued.

The song itself was composed by Linda Sonnvik (Wonderland, Caracola, Dilba) and Peter Bengtsson (Neo, Barbados, Sister Love). By their own admission, they thought of every possible cliche of Summer, and put them into the lyrics. And as a result, it’s a total, unashamed, feelgood song. We’ve had it for a little while now and we’re yet to get bored of it – despite playing it non stop the first weekend we had it!

As for Belle herself, well we’re glad to have her back. Longtime readers of this site might remember way back in January 2009 we named Belle the ‘Brightest New Hope of 2009’ in the scandipop 2009 awards, based on how amazing her single ‘Mister Mister’ was. So we’re delighted that she hasn’t let us down.

Right, we’ve droned on enough now, and you probably want to hear it for yourself. Well, she’s uploaded it over at her myspace page. You can also listen to an extra delicious extended edit (we LOVE extended edits, there really aren’t enough of them made for our liking), and her previous singles too, including the said ‘Mister Mister’.

Or you can stream it below;

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