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Today we’ve gone right back to believing that Stella Mwangi will win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest for Norway. And why is that, you might ask. Because she’s gone and released the video to her Eurovision song, ‘Haba Haba’, we would answer. And it reminds us exactly of how charming an entertainer she really is, we would add.

It’s nowt new, nowt revolutionary, it’s just a smiley Stella marching her way through a village and being followed by some folk who’ve been taken in by the infectious joy that she’s exuding from every pore. Such a nice girl.

It ends with lots of shots of her doing the ‘Haba Haba’ choreography, along with a beach full of people. If you fancied learning said choreography (and you will after seeing this video!), then you’re in luck – an actual tutorial has been uploaded to youtube!

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