Danny revisits the club!

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Danny’s new album got unleashed last week. We mentioned it a few weeks back when the tracklisting and clips surfaced, but now it’s out and the full versions of the new tracks are up on youtube.

The best of the bunch are the two club songs, ‘Tonight’ and ‘Catch Me If You Can’, which you can listen to below. Both songs are Danny at his best, and sound like they could have been lifted from his superb previous album, ‘Set Your Body Free’. That’s not to say that his sound hasn’t moved on since then, more that he’s been clever enough to take on the mantra “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! And both do have a slightly more modern sound to them anyway, SO THERE!

You can also listen to them really very good ‘Never Gonna Take Us Down’ in full here, which is a rock and r&b fused bomb which features Swingfly. And the albums two new r&b ballads, ‘Cassandra’ and ‘In Love With A Lover’ can be heard by clicking on those links, although ‘In Love With A Lover’ is just a minute long clip for now.

We do love us some Danny Saucedo. We chatted to him at the Melodifestivalen opening party last Thursday and he said that he’s going on a tour with EMD next month, which will have an acoustic feel to it. And after that, he’ll be commencing a solo tour to promote this album, and himself as a solo artist. We’re definitely getting booked in for that solo tour. Especially if the place is gonna go off to the sound of these two gems;

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