Denmark’s numero uno exporto has been in Sweden over the last few days. Doing a bit of gigging here and there, and recording an English language track. There’s no word yet on whether it’s a brand new song or an English language version of one of the songs from her current Danish album, but our money is on a translation of ‘For Altid’. For a continuation of her success in Germany and for another stab at the UK, it would be silly not to go with such an obvious hit as ‘For Altid’.

Anyway, we digress. The real reason we commenced writing about Medina this morning was because she’s just graced our TV screens – twice! She appeared on Nyhetsmorgon to perform a couple of tracks – her big Big BIG hit from a couple of years back, ‘Kun For Mig’, plus the aforementioned ‘For Altid’ – which actually made quite a respectable showing on Swedish iTunes a few month back upon its initial release, despite zero promotion.

It’s the first time we’ve seen Medina perform ‘For Altid’ on TV. As expected, it’s all quite WOW, and only serves to help us fall in love all over again with the song, with her, with pop music, and with life in general to be perfectly honest!

In other Medina news, wrap your listening gear around this gem of a remix that surfaced online over the weekend, the Prime & Divello mix of ‘For Altid’. We discovered this on Sunday morning, along with the heartbreaking realisation that the Saturday night it immediately made us want to be in, was the furthest possible time away!

Oh Medina;

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