SONG: Yaeger – ‘You Like Me’

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(photo: Olivia Arte)

What’s this? We fell madly in love with this lady last year when she blessed us with the superb ‘Dopamine High‘. Now Swedish newcomer Yaeger is back with a new single ‘You Like Me’.
What does Yaeger say? “To me ‘You Like Me’ is about telling the person you’ve fallen in love with that you don’t want to play the game anymore, and you put an ultimatum. The reason for the game could be whatever, bit it frustrates you to be in that obscure zone of not talking about how you feel. Because you’re already giving them all of your time, and them taking up your whole headspace, so you’re tired of playing around, and you’re starting to feel like your love is just pleasing their self esteem. It’s frustrating to be in place like that, so you’re saying “Yes or no? You don’t even have to say it loud, just let me know if this is worth figthing for because I’m not doing this anymore.”
What does Scandipop say? Everything that made us fall for ‘Dopamine High’ is present and correct here too. An excellently crafted slice of electropop, elevated further by a big pop chorus.
Written by? Yaeger herself, along with Martin Luke Brown and Mona Khoshoi.
More from Yaeger? She releases her debut EP ‘Gul’ this Friday!

You can find ‘You Like Me’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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