SONG: Myra Granberg – ‘När Hjärtat Bankar’

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What’s this? Musician of the moment in Sweden – Myra Granberg – is back with a brand-new tune for us. Her latest single ‘När Hjärtat Bankar’.
What does that mean? When The Heart Beats.
She’s proper churning them out at the moment, isn’t she? Mercifully, yes. This latest one though, is being released as a special single – it’s the theme song from the new Swedish film Eva & Adam.
What’s the song like? A genius pop tune in that it uses its own interpretation of the cheerful beating of a heart as its banging chorus – which in turn truly does put a cheery step into the beating of your own heart. Pure joy, this one.
What does Myra say?I wrote this song immediately after I seeing a draft of the film’s script for the first time, and could not help but feel the intoxication that only teenage love can have. The heart beats. It’s life and death. When flying on the wings of love!
Written by? Written and produced by the lady herself.
More from Myra? Check out her two exceptional summer singles – ‘Lose My Mind‘ and ‘Sad Boy‘.

You can find ‘När Hjärtat Bankar’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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