What’s this? Finnish popstar Benjamin has just gone and released his second album. His first in quite some time, however, and his first in Finnish. This is ‘Someveteraani’.
What does that mean? Social Media Veteran.
Why has he called it that? The whole album deals with his experiences of achieving fame through social media – and the issues the platforms bring about today.
What’s on it? The single ‘WWW’, and seven new songs about everything from TikTok to catfishing and anonymous fun, to clueless boomers and the image standards that men must live up to online. And to go with the lyrical theme of the album, the whole thing has been set to a high-tech production soundscape. A concept album, of sorts. And you don’t need to be fluent in Finnish to pick up on said concept.
Highlights? Our main takeaways from the album will be the pop-disco tune ‘Anonyymi’, and the beautifully melodic ‘Mies’.

You can find ‘Anonyymi’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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