Söngvakeppnin 2023: The 10 Artists & Songs!

Tonight in Iceland, broadcaster RÚV aired a special programme to reveal the 10 artists who will be competing in Söngvakeppnin 2023, and the 10 songs that they’ll be competing with. A prime-time Saturday night TV show to announce your Eurovision pre-selection participants – we appreciate a broadcaster who takes this shit suitably seriously!

Söngvakeppnin takes place over three Saturday nights in February and March. The two semis will be aired on the last two Saturday nights in February, with five songs competing in each and with two songs progressing to the final from each semi. The big final happens on Saturday March 4th.

Here are the ten songs that are wanting that win!

Semi-final 1 – February 18th

Stundum Sny?st Heimurinn Gegn Þe?r?/ Sometimes the?World´s Against You

Glötuð ást / Lose This Dream

Þora / Brave Face

Dómsdags?Dans / Doomsday Dancing

Lifandi inni í mér / Power

Semi-final 2 – February 25th

Kristín Sesselja
Óbyggðir / Terrified

Langi Seli og Skuggarnir

Silja Rós & Kjalar
E?g styð þi?na braut / Together We Grow

Betri Maður / Impossible

Sigga Ózk
Gleyma þér og dansa / Dancing Lonely

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