SONG: Hanna Ferm – ‘Aldrig Nånsin’

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She’s back with another song på svenska? Well the previous one turned out so well, so why not? ‘För Evigt‘, despite being released less than two months ago, has already turned out to be a her biggest hit outside of Melodifestivalen, becoming – and thus far remaining – a staple on Swedish radio and on the Spotify charts. Now she’s back with the follow-up single. ‘Aldrig Nånsin’.
What does that mean? Never Ever.
What’s it like? A pleasantly frantic tune with a chorus that’s going to lend itself very well to being chanted by all and sundry this summer, and a bass string that takes us back to Robyn’s classic ‘Be Mine’.
What does Hanna say?I wrote this in the autumn of 2020. It was a period in my life that was very calm. but equally dizzying. I lived in my first small studio apartment in Stockholm, while my whole family and friends were in Gothenburg. I felt lonely, was restless and lacked inspiration. All I did was get up, write music, sleep – on repeat. In the end, I barely knew what I wanted to write about. So I thought; why not rewrite about exactly that? And that was how ‘Never Ever’ came about.”
Written by? Hanna herself, along with Lukas Piironen and Niklas Mattsson.

You can find ‘Aldrig Nånsin’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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