Say what? 2019 gave us Charlotte Perrelli & Dana International – ‘Diva To Diva’. 2020 responds with Erika Vikman & Saara Aalto – ‘Cicciolina’.
I’m listening. Saara Aalto proves herself to be the only other Finnish diva capable of joining Erika Vikman on a rendition of Vikman’s ‘Cicciolina’ and doing it the justice it deserves – a song that was an absolute highlight of Eurovision national final season this year.
What was the occasion? Last night, Saara Aalto hosted a Eurovision Queens concert in her native Finland, featuring a host of other Finnish artists. Erika Vikman was on the line-up – and so this just had to be done, really. It’s what we, the public, wanted and needed in our time of no-Eurovision despair.
And the verdict? We’ve had our week saved by three icons – La Aalto, La Vikman and, most importantly, La Cicciolina.

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