What’s this? Norwegian artist Vilde is back with a brand-new single – her fourth (and fourth on her own label, at that). This is ‘Hands’.
What does Vilde say? “Hands is my most honest song released so far. I’ve been wanting to tell my story on how my situation is, being independent in the music industry. It’s a tough path to walk alone, but I am determined that I’m gonna ‘take a chance, with my own two hands’ and see how far I can go.”
What does Scandipop say? The strong, call-to-arms message of the lyric is matched superbly by a thuddering, militant electropop beat – hitting home the song as a whole even more.
Written by? Vilde herself. Produced by Henrik The Artist and co-written with Peter Khoo and Lauren Miles.
More from Vilde? Check out her previous single, ‘Freeze‘.

You can find ‘Hands’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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