(photo: Johanna Pettersson)

What’s this? Swedish newcomer Felicia Takman is out with a new single – her third. This is ‘Dunka Dumma Hjärta Dunka’.
Dunka what now? We think it means: ‘Beat, stupid heart. Beat’. Or words to that effect.
What’s the song like? Oooh, it’s a proper pounder. Incorporating everything from indie-pop to synthpop and even, for all intents and purposes, schlager! It’s just proper brilliant Scandipop, really.
Written by? Felicia herself, along with Helena Larsson, Mattias Jonsson and Anton Engdahl.
More from Felicia? We’re still giving plenty of plays to her debut, released this summer – ‘Ditt Problem‘.

You can find ‘Dunka Dumma Hjärta Dunka’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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