What’s this? The brand-new single and video from Icelandic artist Glowie – her first new music since the release of her EP. This is ‘Unlovable’.
Not literally, I hope. Absolutely not. This one’s an instant keeper.
What does Glowie say? “I instantly fell in love with this song when I first heard it. The first thing that came to mind were the people I’ve connected with through my music, and the conversations I’ve had with them over the last few years. I love how comforting this song is, it’s all love and support, something that we all need, something that’s important that we all give to each other. I’m very open and honest, I talk about my experiences of being a woman in this world, of being a survivor of sexual abuse, dealing with anxiety and depression and other people open up to me about their experiences. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever felt before, being able to connect with others in that way where we relate to each other so much and we’re able to bring comfort and support for each other.”
Written by? Amanda Cygnaeus, Philip Holmgren and Joel Sjöö, with additional production from Cameron Gower Poole.
Written by? Check out her ‘Where I Belong’ EP from earlier in the year.

You can find ‘Unlovable’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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