INTRODUCING: Felicia Takman – ‘Ditt Problem’

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Who? 22-year-old Felicia Takman, hailing from Stockholm, is now out with her debut single via Universal Music Sweden. ‘Ditt Problem’.
What’s it like? A super-strong first impression in which she displays both a knack for crafting great pop melodies, as well as the ability to tune perfectly into the very current sound and style of electro-disco. This is a thoroughly banging debut single.
What does Felicia say? “The song is about being somewhat ‘upside down’ and how much it can eat away at a relationship, but at the same time, somehow, make it thrive in that chaos. When it’s good – it’s really good, and then the other person simply has to put up with the complicated sides you have. It is better to feel a thousand things, to quarrel and to mess up, than to be bored and ‘perfect’ like everyone else.”
Written by? Felicia herself, along with Helena Larsson and Anton Engdahl.

You can find ‘Ditt Problem’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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