SONG: Felicia Dunaf – ‘Taking Care Of A Broken Heart’

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So. Anna Book was supposed to be competing in Heat 1 of Melodifestivalen on Saturday night with the song ‘Himmel För Två’. But today SVT have announced that she has been disqualified. Because the song has been made public before – which nobody in Anna Book’s camp knew until earlier today.

Two years ago the writers submitted the song – in a different language and recorded by a different artist – to the Moldovan national selection for Eurovision. It didn’t even make it to the finals. But the singer – Moldovan artist Felicia Dunaf – uploaded it to her YouTube channel anyway. Without telling the writers.

Two years later, Anna Book records the song with Swedish lyrics. And makes it into Melodifestivalen. All the way up until today when the first rehearsal snippets were uploaded to SVT’s website. And someone out there spotted that they’d heard that song before. Rules are rules, and the song has to be disqualified. And WHAT a song it is. A ridiculous disco schlager banger that would have been amazing on Saturday night. She’s been offered the chance to perform it anyway, but it won’t be allowed to compete. She’s yet to respond. She’s too distraught 🙁

‘Taking Care Of A Broken Heart;

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