Duo-RAW feat. Maja Gullstrand: ‘Hunger’

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DuoRawHunger e1401828918166

This song came to our attention this week, as it was performed for the first time at Spring Pride in Sweden. Which we think is basically a fancy way of saying Eskilstuna Pride. And since Eskilstuna is the town that spawned the one and only Towa Carson – well they know the meaning of the word Pride by now.

It’s ‘Hunger’. And it’s bizarre. But it’s supposed to be. That’s its schtick. ¬†Duo-RAW describe themselves as “Sweden’s avantgarde nightlife duo. What happens when two creative forces collide and get engaged to each other. Two 7ft disco-goblins that have taken Scandinavia and soon the rest of the world by storm“. We’ll have us some of THAT thank you very much.

You’ll notice that Maja Gullstrand features on this. Maja Gullstrand of this seminal-Melodifestivalen-moment fame. It’s fab to have her back, and even more fab to see her twist her face into all sorts of contortions in the video. We didn’t think she had this kind of thing in her. Turns out she does.

Come feel the hunger“;


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