What’s this? Swedish duo UNDER (Elina Mayskär and Erik Pettersson) have recorded and put out a chilled-house version of Darin’s modern-day classic lovesong – ‘En Säng Av Rosor’.
Why? “We’ve loved this song ever since it was released a year ago,” explains Elina. “And now that it is one year old, we wanted to celebrate it a little extra by making our own interpretation of it.”
What’s have they done with it? “The original has become a true love song,” Erik says. “We shifted it a little more to the electronic side compared to the original, but still retained much of the song’s sense of love and longing. The soundscape probably also reflects our own longing for summer, through, among other things, elements of tropical house. Our version would fit perfectly at a beach bar, somewhere on the west coast.”
More from UNDER? They have done covers of a couple of other Swedish staples, which you can listen to right here.

You can find ‘En Säng Av Rosor’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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