ALBUM: Oscar Zia – ‘Din’ (EP)

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Din?! That’s a brave name for an EP! It’s the Swedish word for ‘yours’, rather than the English term for an unpleasant noise.
Ah. Yes, much more preferable. Although one or two tracks could belong to the other description…
So what’s on it? Two superb singles that we’ve already featured on here (‘Betong’ and ‘Kyss Mig i Slo-Mo’), one single that we didn’t really like so we didn’t feature on here (‘Vem Tar Hand Om Dig’), three brand new songs, PLUS an acoustic version of one of those said brand new songs.
Three singles…there’s something missing. There is! The first single he came back with, and which was also superb, and which we did feature on here – ‘Det Går Aldrig‘ – is missing. Which seems odd, and actually makes the whole thing feel quite incomplete. But we don’t make the records, we just listen and (sometimes) critique. So this is one critique – leaving off ‘Det Går Aldrig’ when you found room for an acoustic version of ‘Nice’, is bizarre. And now we’re gonna have to make our own playlist – how inconvenient.
What’s the best of the new songs? We’d go for ‘Din’. It sounds like nothing else out there right now, and that’s a tricky thing to pull off WHILE maintaining the same level of quality you’ve gone for elsewhere. But ‘Din’ does.
All in all? We love this new sound and style of Oscar Zia. He’s slotted into it wonderfully and seemingly effortlessly too. Those two songs we’re about to mention are two of our faves of 2018.
Which two songs? These two;

You can find both ‘Betong’ and ‘Kyss Mig i Slo-Mo’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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