What’s this? The brand-new single from Swedish artist Juliander – a smooth n’ soulful song that brings about some proper elation via a carefree chorus. ‘On & On’.
What’s it all about? Well check this for an adorable turn of events. Previous single ‘Nervous‘, (a tune) from just before summer, was a song about having pre-date nerves. And now this new single is all about finding someone so special that you want your love to go on forever. Checking in with Juliander is like going back to your fave Netflix series!
Cute! What does he say? “I had never experienced love when I wrote this song,” says Juliander. “Love was only a hobby, with on and off relationships, but never something deeper. I always played it safe. But whilst I wrote the song I started to open up more and let people get to know me more and I finally found that special someone. And I just want the thing that we have between us to go on and on forever.”
Written by? Juliander himself, along with Christian Walz, Henrik Jonzon and Johan ‘Jones’ Wetterberg.

You can find ‘On & On’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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