On Saturday night Denmark chose its entry to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Out of ten songs, they went with ‘Where I Am’ by Anja (written by Anja Nissen herself, along with Angel Tupai og Michael D’Arcy).

Anja, who won the Australia’s The Voice back in 2014, came second in Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix last year – with the ph’nom ‘Never Alone’. ‘Where I Am’ is vastly different to its predecessor. It’s an r&b flavoured pop track, in the mold of an good ol’ fashioned big diva ballad! Which she pulls off to perfection thanks her competent vocals.

Was it the best song on the night? Nowhere near it.

Will it allow Denmark to make the Eurovision final for the first time in three years? To our ears it’s more likely that it probably won’t.

Is it a song we’re gonna be playing a lot in the run-up to May? Probably not, unfortunately.

But it’s an improvement on the last two Danish entries, so we’re at least heading in the right direction. And she’s going to give it a solid belting out on the night, which we’re looking forward to. Even if it might just be the semi final night….

You can watch the winning performance below, and listen to the song in studio recording right here.

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