Melodifestivalen 2012: Our chat with Danny Saucedo


Not one to rest on his laurels, Danny Saucedo is BACK in Melodifestivalen. After finishing second this year, he’ll return to next year’s contest to compete with the song ‘Amazing’, written by himself, Peter Boström, and Figge Boström.

This year the second place finish served Danny well, and he followed it up with a hit album, another hit single, a nationwide tour (both solo and with his group EMD), a UK launch as part of Danny & Freja, AND a permanent slot on the judges panel of TV3’s show True Talent. So we actually thought that Danny might skip the contest for a few years and then come back in a blaze of glory further down the line. He has other plans though – and he’ll instead be trailing this blaze of glory in a few months time.

At yesterday’s Melodifestivalen press conference, we had a chat with the gallant fellow about all of this.

And here’s how it went;


scandipop: Welcome back to Melodifestivalen land Danny!

Danny: Thanks!

scandipop: I have to say, I’m surprised to see you back so soon. I thought that since you had such a successful year you’d maybe take some time out, rest on this high, and then be all ready to make a big comeback in a few years time. But you’re ready to do it all over again.

Danny: Yeah, I think there’s a momentum that I really need to capitalise on. If I were to wait for another few years, that momentum will have cooled down, and I don’t want that to happen. So I’m prepared to do it again. And I have an even better song this time. A song that is a bit more wider in appeal. I think that the people who didn’t like ‘In The Club’ will like this one, because it’s more “arena”, it’s easier to sing-a-long to, and it’s catchier also. But at the same time it’s breathing the same air, the same language and the same production as ‘In The Club’. It’s written along with the same guys who I wrote ‘In The Club’ with

scandipop: Well you’ve always done dance pop. But I’d still say that ‘In The Club’ was a clear progression from ‘Set Your Body Free’. And ‘Set Your Body Free’ was in turn a progression from ‘Heart Beats’. So would you say that ‘Amazing’ is itself a step beyond ‘In The Club’, albeit within the same genre?

Danny: It is, it’s more house. It’s house, r&b, dance, pop – a big mix. But it’s like if you listen to a Chris Brown track today you don’t even know what genre it is. Same with Rihanna. It’s a hit! I love the track, I love to sing it. And I’m focusing on a great number, since we all know that smashing glass and taking showers on stage……

scandipop: Woah Danny! Careful what you say here!

Danny: Ha ha ha ha!!! …..they work, so I’ll try to do something as cool as that maybe, ha ha ha!

scandipop: Ok! So you say that you’re hoping to capitalise in 2012 on 2011’s momentum – does this mean that we’ll get another album from you next year? Or an EP? After the contest.

Danny: I have already got an album ready actually. But I’m not sure right now if the record company wants to release it right after Melodifestivalen. And I’m not even sure if they wanna release it in the first half of the year.

scandipop: Oh ok. But it’s ready to go at least.

Danny: Yeah it’s ready to go. And I have I think a few too many tracks, so I’m gonna have to “kill my darlings”!

scandipop: Ok. Right, one last question – what’s happening with Danny & Freja?

Danny: ……………………………………………………

scandipop: ???????????????????????????????????????????

Danny: …………..

scandipop: Go on, tell me. It’s gonna come out eventually, whatever it is.

Danny: …………..

scandipop: It’s on ice?

Danny: It’s on ice, yeah.

scandipop: That’s a shame.

Danny: England, man! What can you say?! But let me come back to you on that one.

scandipop: Ok. Right well cheers for the chat Danny, and I’ll see you in Malmö.

Danny: Thanks! See you.

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