Sommar Festivalen!

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It’s summertime, and the scandipopstars are out in force on the festival circuit in Scandinavia. There are plenty of performances to be found on youtube, and you could really spend a whole evening enjoying them, but here’s our top ten of the absolute best;


Aqua perform their comeback single ‘Back to the 80’s’ and merge it into a medley of older hits too. Soren’s lost the hair spikes and bleach, and has aged 10 years, but is still as hot as ever!

Sandra Dahlberg is returning to music! And here’s her comeback song;

Homecoming queen Agnes shows Sweden what she’s been up to around the world since they last saw her in Melodifestivalen in March!

How much weight has Kikki Danielsson lost?!!!! Last year she was talking to newspapers about her rheumatism which was brought on by increasing weight. Now she looks quite fabulous!

As does Anna Book! They should release a collaborative fitness DVD in the run up to Christmas this year. Working out to a soundtrack of schlager!

Velvet is getting out there again despite the cruel underperformance of her latest album. And she’s looking hotter than ever. Summer becomes her!

Ann Louise Hanson does a medley of her old hits. Including some of ‘C’est La Vie’ at the very end!!!

We always love a performance of ‘Moving On’ by Sarah Dawn Finer, who’s reminding Sweden of who she is before her album gets released this Autumn.

Charlotte Perrelli does a medley of her two Eurovision hits. And isn’t she looking good?

Meanwhile, honourable mention has to go to our much missed Anne-Lie Ryde.  She dons a blonde wig and performs what we’re sure (or what we HOPE, for her sake) is a comedy routine!

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