Supermarkets feat Medina & Anders Bagge: ‘Du Säger Du Älskar Mig’

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A new audiorgasm has made itself heard in Sweden, making a bid to be one of the big summer dance hits in 2011 (yes we’re in potential summer dance hit territory already – hooray!). It’s ‘Du Säger Du Älskar Mig’ by Supermarkets featuring Medina and Anders Bagge. We’re not going to pretend to know who these Supermarkets people are, HOW they’ve managed to procure the Queen of Danish cool, Medina, or WHY they’ve added Anders Bagge into the mix, making it an utterly bizarre line up of credits. But none of that matters really, because what we have here is a superb piece of club poppage for our listening pleasure.

It’s a big dance number, heavy on the synths. It borders on electrocool sometimes, mostly in the first verse before you realise what’s going on. But the chorus takes it right into pop dance territory, which is what we like. It’s pounding, it’s unrelenting, and above all, it’s very catchy. It was released in Sweden earlier this month and has finally made an appearance on the Swedish iTunes chart, just outside the top 100. So we’re hoping that it climbs and climbs and climbs so that it explodes into the big hit that it so very deserves to be. We would quite like this to part-soundtrack our summer in Stockholm, thank you very much. It’s really quite immense.

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