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After getting off to an amazing start, pop wise, the summer singalong festivals in Sweden have been a bit lacklustre in recent weeks, with very few performances or artists that we could get excited about. Hence why we haven’t really written about them with the same gusto that we started out with earlier in the summer. Nevertheless, the last two weeks of Sommarkrysset, Allsång På Skansen, and Lotta På Liseberg, HAVE thrown up a few gems that we think deserve to be noticed outside of the youtube archives, so here they are below;

We posted this already in a Le Kid article earlier in the week, but it wouldn’t be fair not to include them in a round up of the best performances of the last few weeks. This delivery of ‘Mercy Mercy’ is immense in so many ways.

Ever the showman, Salem Al Fakir captivated the audience of Allsång På Skansen when he played there two weeks ago. We’ve seen him live a couple of times this year, and watching him never gets boring. Perhaps the organisers suspected this, and they allowed him to do three songs. ‘4 o Clock’ and ‘I’m So Happy’ in particular demonstrate how loveable and special a performer he is, and of course ‘Keep On Walking’ is still magical.

Injecting a bit of warmth into what was an otherwise wet Tuesday, Linda Sundblad did two songs at Allsång På Skansen. Not ‘Let’s Dance’ unfortunately, but her other single ‘2 All My Girls’, and a surprisingly beautiful version of ‘Over The Rainbow’. Who knew she had it in her?!

Martin Stenmarck is enjoying something of a minor hit in Sweden right now with his cover of Keane’s ‘Everybody’s Changing’. We like it, but we’re still not sure how we feel about how he’s looking in the clip below. Normally to our eyes, he’s one of the hottest guys in Sweden! But is that guyliner he’s wearing?

Christian Falk is a multi talented and world renowned dance producer, and now his daughter Vanessa is being launched in Sweden. She’s previously provided a couple of vocals for Daddy’s tracks, but ‘Private Party’ seems to be her big launch, cemented with this performance last week. We like it, but we’re looking forward to hearing the studio version fully, before we judge it completely. Still, it seems like she could be an exciting artist to look out for.

AND FINALLY, here are two more performances from Sommarkrysset that you should check out. Marie Serneholt and Sebastian Karlsson have been treading the boards for most of this year in the Swedish production of Grease. Marie is an adorable Sandy and Sebastian is an unlikely but great Danny. They performed the Swedish language version of ‘Summer Loving’ at Sommarkrysset last weekend.

Lastly, Ankie Bagger and Peter Gustafsson took their Stockholm Pride duties mainstream last weekend also, when they sang the official anthem of the festival, ‘Secret Weapon’, at Sommarkrysset too. Uber camp, but uber fabulous with it. We loved every minute of it!

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