Back To Base…

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6724Earlier in the month it was revealed that Jenny had left Ace of Base to concentrate solely on her solo career. It was suspected that she’d left after being offended that record label bosses wanted a new, younger girl to join the group’s line up. And since then, there has been even more speculation and rumours about the group’s future, with the general expectation being that Ulf and Jonas would make a new album as Ace of Base with two new girls.

Jenny has today however, confirmed that this won’t be the case. She says that she has agreed with Jonas that the only music to be released under the Ace of Base name in the future, will be that of the original members. And that any new music made between Jonas, Ulf, and any third parties, will be classed as a different project and under a different name.

So we think it’s fairly safe to assume that we’ll be getting new music from Ulf, Jonas, and these new girls hopefully quite soon – it just won’t be classed as a new Ace of Base release. We’re fine with that, we just want new songs! Jenny will also be releasing some new music this year – and further rumours suggest that it’ll be more pop orientated than was previously thought (or previously feared, in our case!).


Hmmm…..we wonder if all this drama is the reason why SVT have taken so long to announce the final contestant of Melodifestivalen 2010. Have they been waiting to confirm exactly what name the new group will be competing under?….

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