Bright(side) Young Things

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1253353768Le Kid continue to charm the metaphorical pants off us by doing the sort of thing that every pop group should be doing. And very well, at that. Their official youtube video content has thrown up a few gems in its time (the literal interpretation of the ‘Mercy Mercy’ video, and ”Death at the disco” have been two of our favourites in particular), and today they uploaded another clip for fans. It’s them performing a version of ‘Mr Brightside’ by The Killers, in a small studio. It sounds great of course, and is a nice treat for all of us who can’t get enough of this very amazing new group. And long may the generous and creative video pieces continue.

We saw them perform live again on Monday night, at a Roxy Recordings showcase here in Stockholm. They were a vision in cartoon pink, and they stole the show with performances of ‘Mercy Mercy’ and ‘We Should Go Home Together’ – no mean feat, given that they shared the bill with the likes of Erik Hassle and Orup! What’s more, everyone we spoke to agreed. Plus, we met them after the show and are happy to confirm that they’re even more lovely in real life than we already expected them to be.

Here’s ‘Mr Brightside’

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