SOJO’s Summer Lover…

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n821500709 3136677 518Something quite phenomenal has been happening with SOJO online over the last week or so. If you remember, SOJO are the brother and sister duo who are the first signing to 4 On The Floor, the new record label from legendary Swedish music maker and music manager, Jonas Von Der Burg and Victoria Ekeberg respectively. We’ve already written about SOJO a couple of times here and here.

Anyway, since their debut single ‘I Remember’ has appeared online for streaming for the first time a couple of weeks back, somebody has decided to take its affiliation with the sound of Romanian dance music that little bit further. They’ve created a sort of mash-up of ‘I Remember’ and Inna’s ‘Summer Lover’. And they’ve uploaded it to You Tube. We say ‘sort of’ because it’s not really a mash-up. It’s mostly ‘I Remember’ playing as normal, interspersed with a tiny bit of Inna’s vocals at infrequent intervals.

What’s rather marvelous about the whole thing though, is that this unauthorized and unpromoted new track, has gone on to have over 33,000 plays on You Tube. In only 9 days!!! And that’s only the one video. A quick scan of You Tube this morning, shows that this same mp3 has been uploaded as a different video dozens of times. Most of them have play counts that are only in the hundreds, but there are a couple more that are on 8,000 and 9,000. Meaning that overall, the tracks has received well over 50,000 plays on You Tube in the 9 days since it’s been concocted. Hugely impressive numbers for any European dance track, never mind an unofficial remix for the debut single of a brand new artist!

We think that’s quite amazing really and that it warranted a mention, that’s all.

As for SOJO (who haven’t even released ‘I Remember’ yet, outside of Poland), well the single should be on Spotify in Scandinavia next week, they’ve just got back to Sweden from a series of gigs in Greece, and they’re finalising a deal this week to release the song in Spain too. Plus, if you’re in Stockholm next week for Pride, you can catch them performing live on the Tuesday night, alongside Linda Pritchard and Anniela.

Below is the aforementioned “mash-up”. And to hear the full length ‘I Remember’ without any interruption from Inna, you can go to their Facebook page and unlock the audio stream by clicking ‘like’.

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