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September’s ‘Mikrofonkåt’. Now 6 weeks at number 1 in Sweden, and already having sold double platinum status in that short amount of time. It’s certainly been a big one! And unbelievably, despite taking a week or two off the top spot on the iTunes chart before Christmas, it’s now back at number 1 on there again. So it’s going absolutely nowhere yet.

You should all know the song by now, but we’ve gathered together a collection of different versions of it that have cropped up online over the last few weeks. Some official remixes, some unofficial remixes, some visual accompaniments, and one quite frankly bizarre conception that begs belief. Think of it as a celebration of ‘Mikrofonkåt’. ‘Kåt’ for ‘Mikrofonkåt’, if you will! We’ve already written about the English language version, ‘Me & My Microphone’, which has been getting some UK radio airplay over the last few weeks. It looks likely to be the first single from her new album, ‘Love CPR’ there – not just because of the radio airplay, but also because of the fact that the video to ‘Resuscitate Me’ was sent to UK music TV stations a few weeks back by Dance Nation (the Ministry of Sound label her last album was on), but then quickly grabbed back again – presumably because of this change of plan.

Onto the new stuff now though. First and foremost are the official remixes that have been commissioned by her Swedish label, Catchy Tunes. Sizeable teasers have been uploaded to soundcloud and can be streamed below. The Casado & Daif Remix is our favourite. It’s a funky-house reimagining of the club monster, giving it a more laidback and cool edge to it, or rather removing the sharp edge from it! We imagine that this is the remix that is gonna be played in Swedish clubs for some time to come, long after Swedes have tired of the original. It pays enough homage to the radio edit, yet distances itself from it just enough too. The Alex Lamb Remix and the Mick Katenholt & Andrew Dee Remix are more on a trance tip. All three are semi-dubs though, focusing only really on the chorus and in some cases the middle eight, and ignoring the rapped verse.

September – Mikrofonkåt (Casado & Daif Remix) [Family Tree/Catchy Tunes] by Casado & Daif

September – Mikrofonkåt ( Mick Kastenholt & Andrew Dee Remix) [Family Tree/Catchy Tunes] by Dj Andrew Dee

September – Mikrofonkåt (Alex Lamb Remix) [Family Tree/Catchy Tunes] by Alex Lamb

Also on the trance side of things, is this unofficial mix that we’ve come across that we really like – the Jad Desenchanntee Remix (how very Kate Ryan!). You can listen to the full edit below, although the best parts are during the second half, where the dreamy piano bits make themselves known.

September – Mikrofonkåt (Jad Desenchanntee Headstrong Mix) by Desenchanntee-3

Every good dance single needs an extended edit. And if you love the song, then you’ll usually adore the extended version even more. And ‘Mikrofonkåt’ is no exception. It stays true to the original, only making it last longer. This was released to Swedish iTunes a few days before Christmas.

Also just before Christmas, September performed ‘Mikrofonkåt’ at Ambassadeur club in Stockholm. Here’s an LQ quality recording of the performance that someone make on their phone. We think it’s worth a watch, not as an opportunity to listen to the song of course, but as a glimpse into how much the crowd are absolutely loving it! And also to see how much she’s enjoying being back onstage again.

Last, but by NO MEANS least, is a version of the song which means that it has TRULY made it. No song worth its salt doesn’t have this type of version made of it. We don’t know who does it, why they do it, or what they hope to achieve by it, but it never fails to amaze us when we hear one. Ladies and gents – it’s the chipmunk version of September’s ‘Mikrofonkåt’!

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