So Much Better!

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Så Mycket Bättre has been a SORE disappointment this year – for us anyway. The first few weeks had less than half of the performances and songs appealing to us. And the last two weeks had a grand total of ZERO covers that we enjoyed – including the Lena Philipsson week. Madness!

Anyway, this week it temporarily got its mojo back. It was the turn of E-Type’s songs to recieve the cover treatment from the artists around the dining table. And knock us down with a feather, we actually ended up liking half of them! Lena Philipsson’s rocky version of ‘Life’, Laleh’s ballad reimagining of ‘Here I Go Again’, and Eva Dahlgren’s rousing take on ‘This Is The Way’.

You can have a look at those three performances below (although they might only be viewable for our Swedish readers, thanks to TV4’s bizarre new sporadic policy of allowing international folk to see their content), and check out the rest of the songs on TV4’s website. Also worth a look is Timbuktu’s version of ‘True Believer’, which he translated into Swedish and renamed ‘Övertygad’. Not really our bag, but at the very least it’s an interesting version of a great song.

Lena Philipsson: ‘Life’

Laleh: ‘Here I Go Again’

Eva Dahlgren: ‘This Is The Way’

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