Pandora: ‘Kom Igen! (Gult och Blått)’

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Pandora Kom Igen


A brand new single from Swedish dance legend Pandora. And what’s that we hear?…….could it be?……very definite echoes of schlager?! Yes, YES, we believe it is. Schlager music crossed with a sporting anthem. The sporting anthem elements aren’t accidental though – it actually IS being dressed up and put out as an unofficial support song for Sweden in this summer’s European football championships.

Why it’s not the official Swedish song of the championships, we don’t know. We must say, we’re FUMING with the quality of football songs on offer in Sweden this year. The official one is pure tripe, not even worthy of a link from this site. And all of the other unofficial ones floating around are dire too. Even good old reliable E-Type has disappointed, by re-hashing his otherwise rather good ‘Campione’ again, but adding pretty much nothing to it. Would a new song have been that difficult to produce? Especially since he’s just come off the back of Så Mycket Bättre.

Sweden you’ve really let the side down. Pun intended.

Pandora saves the day though. Written by her and Joakim Särebold, and produced by Niclas Kings, ‘Kom Igen!’ harks back to the days when Swedish football anthems were triumphant – you know, Shirley Clamp’s ‘Champions’, that sort of thing! A tantalising schlager verse, a brilliantly catchy “oh-oh-oh-oh” chant of a chorus that goes on forever, and….AND….a glorious key change.

You might as well just cancel the whole football tournament now and just hand the trophy over to Pandora for her services to the game.

And what’s even better, is that Pandora is giving it all away as FREE DOWNLOAD. Just head to her website and click on the image of the single artwork, and it’s yours to download for keeps.

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