Shiny Alcastars…

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Alcazar brought the glitter, glamour, and gala to Germany this week when they popped up on two different tv shows to perform some old tunage. They donned the sparkly, shiny, and silver new outfits that they’ve been rocking recently (they also wore them for the Julfest shows that they did at Globen last month). And as you would expect, they looked almightily fabulous.

It’s ALL about the ‘Funkytown’ clip as far as we’re concerned. Out come the comedy facial expressions and the choreography that requires a whole lot of ass. Alcazar are the ultimate in camp posture, and this one is such a delight to watch. And the choreography is all the more likeable knowing that it was probably Tess who constructed the whole lot!

‘Crying At The Discotheque’ was less fab. Not because of Alcazar, but as a result of the shoddy and very bizarre camera work. The camera spends most of the song on the audience reaction, followed by an unusually high volume of time spent on playing the original video clip from ten years ago, and then the least amount of time is devoted to showing Alcazar actually performing the song. Strange. Although their pose at the end makes up for everything!

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