Introducing…..Tom Stereo!

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Well, we say ”introducing”, actually he’s been around, sporadically bubbling under for a couple of years now. But we’re sticking with ”introducing” as we don’t think that many people outside of Norway will have heard of him before!

Tom is a young Norwegian chap currently residing in Stockholm. And he makes our absolute favourite kind of music – Dance! Club! Pop! So far his only release has been ‘Now Or Never’, which was the official song of Oslo Gay Pride 2008 (you can watch the video below and download the song for free here – just right click the link and ‘save as’ ). But this summer he is all set to unleash his new single, ‘Number 1’. And we like it a lot!

It’s got a tantalising synth intro, a building, bass heavy verse, and a chorus that explodes! And, it’s got a big ‘ol key change. We’re not massively sold on the melodies to be honest, but we’re OBSESSED with the music in it! It’s big beats, bass, synths, and studio wizadry all over the place. Although at this stage, it’s only the demo version that we’ve heard. He’ll release the finished version later in the summer.

And here it is for your listening pleasure;

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