Carola: ‘Still Love You’

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Carola continues her sparse and sporadic release schedule with a new single this season. ‘Still Love You’ doesn’t appear to be from any forthcoming album, serving only to please fans and to perhaps promote her Christmas tour. Not that we’re complaining of course – we are fans, and we are pleased! But still, wouldn’t it be lovely if there was a new album of new pop music on the horizon? With not a Barbara Streisand, Elvis Presley, Christmas, or religious song in sight or sound?! C’mon Carola, it’s been bloody ages now! Give us a new album please.

As for ‘Still Love You’, well it’s full on ballad territory, which is what she seems most comfortable doing these days. And it’s what she does very well too. This is a classic old fashioned ballad, done in a pop mode. It’s not the catchiest of tunes, and it’s not a big schlager ballad either. But it’s a highly pleasant piece of music, and a great showcase for a voice that we love so much.


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