September: ‘Resuscitate Me’ – the remixes!

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It’s not long now until September releases her new single ‘Resuscitate Me’ throughout Scandinavia – less than two weeks, in fact. Largest commercial radio station in Sweden, Rix FM, are giving it heavy spinnage around the clock, so it looks like it’s on course to becoming quite a big hit for her.


Accompanying the single, will be its remixes – from Buzz Junkies and Moto Blanco. Both do something very different to the song, changing it into another kind of dance track. The Buzz Junkies one is by far our favourite of the two though. It’s on a par with the remix they did on Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ – and similarly commercial too. It could fit into any commercial dance DJ set right now. For the chorus, it brings in a synth harmony to the vocal melody which works fantastically well, and would have sounded great in the original too. But the best part is during the middle eight, when a stuttering beat is introduced, brought higher in the mix so that it’s louder than everything else including the vocal, and then explodes into the final chorus! It’s a mind blower! When you love the original so much, it’s always difficult to appreciate the remix – but this one does the job splendidly.

The Moto Blanco remix is a bit more downbeat. It doesn’t reach the euphoria of the Buzz Junkies remix, but then it doesn’t try to either. It’s Moto Blanco’s usual stamp of funky house, but this one has a bit of a cooler edge to it. It’s less 1am on a Saturday morning, more 10pm on a Friday night, or perhaps 11am on a Sunday morning, depending on what type of clubber you are! Like we said, it doesn’t stray too far from the Moto Blanco sound, which is so famous now, that it could perhaps be described as a sub genre of its own!

Oh, and the remix package also comes complete with the divine extended remix. It starts off all quiet strings, like the intro to the ‘In Orbit’ album, then the military strings and the beat kick in – and it’s heaven throughout!

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