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Last month we wrote about an amazing song that refused to leave the Danish charts. Well, 6 weeks on, and in its 16th week on the singles chart, ‘Kun For Mig’ by Medina is STILL hanging around at the top end – it’s at number 2 this week. And what’s even more remarkable than that chart run is the fact that it’s now had over 1.3 million views on youtube – and that’s of a single video upload, not counting all of the other videos of the song that have been uploaded. And for a song that’s, at the moment anyway, limited to only a Danish release – those numbers are highly unheard of. ‘Kun For Mig’ is something of a phenomenon we guess. But it truly is what the song deserves.

If you still haven’t heard the song then have a look at the video below.

And we know that it’s in Danish – but this really does need to be snapped up by a UK record label soon, and indeed, by record label all around the world. There’s something very special about this song.

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