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There’s a new Swedish singer that we’re getting very excited about! She’s called Daisy. And her career is taking the unusual step of being launched in the US before her native Sweden. Notorious swedophiles, Robbins Entertainment, are the label that have snapped her up over there. And they’ll be unleashing her PHENOMENALLY AMAZING debut single ‘Everytime’ very soon.

‘Everytime’ is the type of song that reminds us why Scandinavian music is without any shadow of a doubt the best kind of pop music in the world. It’s absolutely perfect. A melodious, joyous, hands-in-the-air anthem, set to a thudding, energetic club backing track. Just perfectly happy pop/dance music. You can listen to it in full on her myspace, as well as the even more stellar extended version (it’s as if they KNEW we’d be gagging for more after hearing the single edit!), and four of her other songs; (in order of how much we love them) ‘Tip Toe’, ‘Save My Love’, ‘Feel Good’, and ‘Song For You’.

We’ve never urged or recommended that you investigate a new artist as much as Daisy. You may wish to have a kleenex at the ready after you listen to the extended version of ‘Everytime’!

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