scandipop’s Top 50 Melodifestivalen songs of the last decade! 50 – 41…

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It’s been ten years since the inception of Melodifestivalen in its current format. So during the next week we’re looking back over the last decade, picking out our absolute favourites, and ranking them – in order!

Here’s the first part of the countdown, number 50 to 41;


50. Molly Sandén: ’Så Vill Stjärnorna’ (2009)
The epitome of a sweet and simple schlager ballad. This is just how we like them, with a melody that you don’t have to search for.

49. Arja Saijonmaa: ’Vad Du Än Trodde Så Trodde Du Fel’ (2005)
A mess so hot, that it reached boiling point. Although we love this song even without the stunning visual. But still, what a visual that was!

48. Cosmo 4: ’What’s Your Name’ (2007)
When Melodifestivalen does girlbands, it gets it SO right. And this is one of the best examples of that ‘certain’ kind of girlband.

47. Pernilla Wahlgren: ‘Jag Vill Om Du Vågar’ (2010)
This was the sole classic schlager flag to wave in Melodifestivalen 2010, an oasis in a parched desert! But in 2011, despite the abundance of schlager, we still find ourselves waving this one proudly anyway.

46. Anniela: ’Elektrisk’ (2011)
This one took our breath away (and evidently hers too!). Schlager music gets electrified.

45. Verona: ’La Musica’ (2007)
Italian Euro-dance. We don’t know how this found itself at Melodifestivalen, but we’re so glad it did. Come back Verona, we want more!

44. Christer Sjögren: ’I Love Europe’ (2008)
We know that we’re alone in our love for this but we don’t care. Lock us away in solitary confinement for the rest of our lives, if THIS is what it sounds like.

43. Jessica Andersson: ’Kalla Nätter’ (2006)
Are we ever going to get that solo schlager album from Jessica Andersson, that looked so promising back in 2006? Country music just will not wash, Jessica. We want something to dance around a chair to, whilst wearing a shiny hotpantsuit, as is demonstrated below.

42. Velvet: ’Deja Vu’ (2008)
The fact that Velvet has never made the Melodifestivalen final, or had a top 10 album, is the only fault we can find with Sweden. But it’s a considerably large fault and needs remedying soon. Sort it out, Swedes.

41. After Dark: ’(Åh) När Ni Tar Saken i Egna Händer’ (2007)
We adore this kind of thing. Schlager that’s been dragged up, and then through a hedge backwards.

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