Sanni: ‘Me Ei Olla Enää Me’

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Finnish singer Sanni has just released her new album ‘Sotke Mut’  over there, and with it – this sparkling gem of a lead single. ‘Me Ei Olla Enää Me’.

Sanni got a lot of love earlier this year with her ‘Prinsessoja Ja Astronautteja‘ single and video. But despite giving it quite a few listens and attempts, we could never really get on board with it. This new single however, is much more up our street. Much more pop (natch), and with a melody that’s instant and likable (something which her previous hit was lacking). Beat driven, with a delicate and intricate production, and properly feelgood (despite it being in a language we don’t understand. And it shows – we *think* this might be a break up song? So maybe not intended to be so feelgood after all). The best part though, is undoubtedly the (and not just because it’s the only part not in a language that we don’t understand) “oooh-ooh-oooh-oooh-oooh-ooh-oooh” post-chorus thing.

It’s got a really cool (and short) outro too.

‘Me Ei Olla Enää Me’ is out now on iTunes, and has been released outside of Sanni’s native Finland.



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