What’s all this then? WELL. It’s been announced that Alcazar are releasing a Greatest Hits album at the end of the month, called ‘Disco Defenders’.
‘Disco Defenders’?! But that’s the title of their previous ACTUAL album!!! WE KNOW! Ludicrous isn’t it? Even from just a catalogue perspective, that’s plain messy. It’s all VERY unpleasant.
What? The whole thing? Pretty much, yes. To be quite honest we’re highly put off by the track listing too. It leaves off 40% of the singles released since their last Greatest Hits album. And it doesn’t feature the main version of their most beloved track ‘Stay The Night’, but rather a remix. It also misses out some of their earlier hits too. It’s shit is what it is.
Oh well, what’s to be done? Plenty – this is 2015. So we’ve improved on their 15 track Greatest Hits album, by creating a 24 track Greatest Hits playlist on Spotify (though Christ knows how many of those 24 tracks you’ll be able to stream outside of Sweden –  but that’s another rant for another day). It includes ALL of the famous (and not so famous) singles, plus a couple of bonus tracks. And we’ve given it a title to be proud of too. Ladies and gents – get yourself aquainted with the Greatest Hits of Alcazar – ‘ALLcastar’;

(Cheers to the always brilliant @melodipopvision on Twitter for coming up with the title!)


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