Swedes get their Poles out. Again.

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541495f3461b8e5cceb66d5c550e56deOne of our favourite songs of last year was an athemic electro number by Swedish male duo Man Meadow. It was called ‘Viva La Musica’ and was composed by the ALWAYS reliable Thomas G:Son and Andreas Rickstrand. It competed in Poland’s national competition to find its 2008 participant at the Eurovision Song Contest, where it eventually lost out to ‘For Life’ by the radiant Isis Gee! The song finished second on viewers televote, but third overall, and became a fan favourite amongst the melody friendly Eurovision followers. Further Eurovision cult status was pursued, and indeed granted, by a Soundfactory remix that took up a several month long residency in the Swedish club charts, and a homo-erotic pop video to accompany the single. We were hooked, and of course it’s been played at the scandipop club nights since.


Well, they obviously saw the great fuss that was kicked up about them and have returned to the Polish national selections once again, in a bid to represent Poland at Eurovision 2009. Not only that, but they’ve contributed another track that was composed by Thomas G:Son and Andreas Rickstrand! Isn’t it just WONDERFUL when artists get it SO SO right?! We can’t wait to hear the song. It’s called ‘Love Is Gonna Get You’.


Man Meadow is made up of Fredrik Olofsson and Niklas Vestberg. Fredrik Olofsson has appeared as a backing singer at Melodifestivalen many times, toured with After Dark, and was one of the energetic backing dancers for Ani Lorak’s ‘Shady Lady’ performance at last year’s Eurovision. Fredrik is semi-famous in Sweden as a television presenter for TV4.

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