R.I.P. A.O.B.

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And so Ace of Base are no more.


Jenny Berggren confirmed today on her twitter account that she had left the band. But also hinted that she wasn’t entirely happy about the situation. By her account, it seems that she actually wanted to continue making music with Ace of Base, but became too frustrated at other influences preventing said music from ever being released. Or even being recorded. Maybe one day we’ll day find out. But for now, all we can do is read into her statement;

My dream is to make music so everybody can hear. Solo ended up to be the only possible way. Please respect that. I’ve worked hard for to get another result, but unfortunatly solo is the thing I can do. I’ll just do the best of it and hope for AoB in the future. Take care!

It also¬†seems that she’s gunning for a reunion in the future, whenever these issues in the band that made her leave, are resolved. It appears even more complicated when you read a statement that she’d made little over a week ago. When asked if Ace of Base had split, she denied it – saying that her, Ulf and Jonas are still Ace of Base, but that they all work on their own solo projects (which has been the case for the last few years). Again though, she hints at frustration at factors which meant that they weren’t able to release a record as a band;

As agreed with Ulf and Jonas, we are Ace of Base. I do my solo project as they have done theirs. We didn’t get a record out as three. My hopes are that we can work together in the future, when I have proven myself as a solo artist. Meanwhile the boys in the band are doing their musical thing, as I do mine. We wish each other the best of luck and work for the future.

Hopefully they’ll get back together in the future. They gave us four solid albums, and many more memorable, even iconic, singles. We’ve wanted a new album for ages now. Seven years to be exact! We’re optimistically predicting that they get back together, with Linn included, for Melodifestivalen 2012!

This occasion is screaming out for us to do an Ace of Base top 10 feature! But for now, we’ll leave you with one of their lesser known hits, from their most recent album ‘Da Capo’. It proved that their new experience of lacking popularity and sales had nothing to do with a decline in the quality of the music that they were making.

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