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Infernal are back with a brand new single, ‘Love Is All’. It’s quite the departure from their ‘Electric Cabaret’ album, and if anything, is probably more similar to their ‘From Paris To Berlin’ album, which we guess was to be expected, as the latter was the far more commercial album. But it does still manage to sound quite new for them.

It’s very summery, which does help at this time of year. The music varies a little bit throughout though. Each verse starts off with a minimal electro synth beat, which has more synths added to it as the chorus gets closer. And then of course it all lets rip during the chorus. But the best part is the instrumental part after each chorus – it all goes very 2003/Eurotrance/DJ Sammy. Lovely!

Hmmm, it’s not the catchiest of tunes though. After three listens you’ll probably remember the chorus melody, but that’s about it. We’re hoping that it’s a large grower though, as we’ve been waiting for a new Infernal single for ages!

Here it is;

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