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Here comes something that we’ve been working on for the past two months, on and off. Well, we say ‘work’, but it’s actually been an immeasurable pleasure, every minute of it. The task we set ourselves was to go back through super producer Red One’s ENTIRE back catalogue on Spotify, and compile a playlist of his best tracks, putting them into an order that enhances the listening experience even further – so songs are placed side by side based on style as opposed to simple chronological order.

Like the majority of you, we of course already knew the highlights of Moroccan born and Swedish raised Red One’s repertoire very well. The Lady Gaga songs, the new J-Lo tracks, Nicole Scherzinger, Usher, Love Generation, Mohombi, Alexandra Burke, Sugababes, Sean Kingston. And some of what he’d done for Backstreet Boys, Kat DeLuna, Darin, Enrique Iglesias, etc etc etc! But he’s been responsible for so many other singles, and even more album tracks that we either hadn’t heard, or that we did already know but weren’t aware that it was him behind them. We unearthed some real gems, recoiled at some dire horrors, but mostly enjoyed listening to a rich catalogue of synth heavy and melody driven pop music.


And this week we finally completed the playlist. We call it a Best Of, but really we’ve only had to shave off a small minority of his repertoire. Most of his songs are actually present here. And if it’s not on the list, it means that we either didn’t deem it good enough, or that it’s not yet available on Spotify Sweden (the ace Nicole Scherzinger album tracks, for example). And everything on our list might not be available in your territory’s Spotify. As it stands though, we’ve put FUCKING NINETY of his songs onto the list, and painstakingly agonised (we lie – that part was actually a lot of fun too!) over which order to place them in, to make it an even acer listen.

As he churns out more and more hits, we’ll keep adding to the playlist. But as it is now, you can listen to it here, check out our other playlists here, and browse the tracklisting in the comments section below.

Love him or loathe him, this man has influenced the sound of pop music around the world for the last two years, and he’s not finished yet. Thankfully. Here are 90 examples as to why that is.

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