Rasmus Seebach: ‘Calling’

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11528 330 6500 1THE biggest Danish language hit of last year, ‘Natteravn’ by Rasmus Seebach has now been given a translation into English. Somebody somewhere has quite rightly decided that this song has got an enormous amount of potential to be an international hit. And so ‘Natteravn’ now becomes ‘Calling’. We’re not quite sure for which territory/ies this has been done for, but we’re taking a wild guess at Germany. Last summer the original was huge in Denmark and Sweden, and this summer it’s really taken off in Norway too.

If you’re unfamiliar with the original, well it’s like Medina’s ‘Kun For Mig’ crossed with a David Guetta production. Or actually you can just listen here for yourself. That’s much easier!

The most magical thing about it isn’t the huge synths it has as its calling card, but rather the touchingly beautiful melody it’s got. And so of course this can easily be translated from language to language without losing any of its sheen. We still prefer the Danish original, but that’s only because we’re so familiar with it by now. If you don’t know the original, then you can enjoy ‘Calling’ in its own right.

You’re in for a treat here;

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