Ahead of his release in the UK, Mr Ola Svensson is first launching an assault on the clubs of the country. ‘All Over The World’ coupled with the Buzz Junkies remix of the track, were already enough to propel the single into the top 10 club charts in the UK last week, where the single entered at number 7. But on top of that, his UK label 3 Beat released a new batch of remixes to DJ’s on Friday. We were sent the full load, and below is what we got to download;

01. Cahill Remix
02. Benji Of Sweden Remix
03. Buzz Junkies Remix
04. Dubstep Remix Video Violence
05. Cahill Radio Edit
06. Benji Of Sweden Full Vocal Edit
07. Benji Of Sweden Edit
08. Buzz Junkies Radio Edit
09. Acoustic Version
10. UK Radio Edit

Naturally, you’ll already be familiar with the UK radio edit, and potentially the acoustic version too, as he’s performed it a few times on Swedish TV. And you should remember last year we were given the exclusive preview of the Buzz Junkies remix. But what of the rest of them?!

Well the Cahill remix is by far and away the best of the lot. Cahill very rarely let you down anyway, but this is undoubtedly one of their absolute finest. They’ve stayed admirably true to the original edit, and sensibly accentuated the best bit of the track – THAT string riff. The remix peaks during its middle eight – when the whole thing becomes some sort of clubland dream sequence! Divine.

After checking to see what Cahill had done to the track, the next mix we went to was the Video Violence dubstep mix. Dubstep has become so mainstream in the UK right now, that some of the tracks of the genre have become more commercially focused and pop orientated – meaning that even WE have started to like a few songs! We’re also quite enjoying some dubstep remixes of pop songs – Danny & Freja’s recent ‘If Only You’, for example. And Ola’s ‘All Over The World’ is another song that has had dubstep serve it well. It works a lot better than you’d suspect. Not anywhere near as good as the original edit of course, or the Cahill remix, but definitely a welcome variation on a great song that we’ve listened to hundreds of times already.

The Benji of Sweden mix was our least favourite of the lot, but it at least incorporates a different style of dance music, adds to the song’s versatility, and thus increases the number of viable dancefloors that it can be heard on. Less commercial than Cahill or the Buzz Junkies, but something that will appeal to a section of people that won’t be tickled by either of those two.

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