Not quite crystal clear…

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The video for Björk’s ‘Crystalline’ single is here.

You never really know what to expect from a Björk video do you? Other than that it’s going to be quite out of the ordinary. Ok, VERY out of the ordinary. The video for ‘Crystalline’, while nowhere near one of her best, still maintains that What and Why feeling you get when watching her music be set to motion picture.

This time it’s got crystals growing out of the surface of the moon, followed by a complex diagram explaining how they came to be. We were REALLY hoping halfway through, that the final mental minute of drum n’ bass music would be represented by the moon turning into a club, and feature lots of people dancing around these crystals which would at this stage be lit up in neon. But no. Instead, during this part, they’re all just destroyed.

Oh Björk.

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