Good Jöb(ack)!

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jobackWe love Love LOVE the new Peter Jöback single, ‘Jag Har Dig Nu’. We wrote the precise reasons as to why that is here last month. But since then it’s just grown and grown on us even more. As these things do.

Yesterday, he flounced into the Nyhetsmorgon studios to perform the song to the nation. That plus another track (‘Häromdan När Jag Var Ung’) from his Swedish language French themed new album (‘Livet, Kärleken, och Döden’).

Despite the single being a sort-of duet with a lady, Peter performed it by himself. Not that we minded, it still sounded fab.

On a seperate note, while having a gander around google images for a suitable and up-to-date picture of Peter to use, we stumbled upon this corker from yesteryear. Doesn’t he look exceptionally handsome, ladies and gentlemen?!

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