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You will of course already be aware that Le Kid have already moved on from their previous single, ‘Oh My God’, and are going full force ahead with their next single, ‘America’ (released on Swedish and American iTunes this week, and added to massive Swedish radio station P3, a few days later), but WAIT! We’re not finished with it yet! There’s still the matter of a couple of ‘Oh My God’ remixes that we’ve yet to touch upon here.

There are two to treat your ears to – one comes courtesy of the legendary Soundfactory, and the other from Le Family (which is actually Le Kid themselves, under a different moniker – they’ve also remixed Eric Saade’s ‘Break Of Dawn’, and very well at that). And you can have a listen to both, in full, below!

The Soundfactory mix is the harder of the two, while also providing two of the most fun elements of the whole remix package. Hard in that it’s an electro-fied version of the retro pop song, although it’s actually one of his most commercial, ‘poppier’ remixes of recent years. He’s wrapped the synths around the pop melody of the song perfectly, not taking away from their sugary sweetness, only accentuating them so as to make them a tad more palatable for your average dancefloor reveller. The two ‘fun’ elements that we mentioned, come during the middle eight when the music drops out completely, and we’re left with an almost comedy (in a good way, mind) capella, and then a ridiculous (also in a good way, mind) moment where a bizarre (yep – in a good way) string section makes its presence known. Excellent work, Mr Soundfactory.

The Le Family Blasphemix is PURE pop, in every way. It’s an unbridled joy from start to finish and doesn’t even sound like a remix – it sounds as though the song was conceived in that very way, with the intention always for it to be a synth heavy dance tune. It’s so, SO Le Kid. And that’s precisely why you’ll find yourself enjoying it so much;

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