We Want It Bad

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A Swedish ladysinger who was big in the mid-late nineties has come back! Again!

DeDe made a name for herself in Sweden selling over 500,000 albums containing music written and produced by the likes of Anders Bagge, and Max Martin and the rest of the Cheiron team (ie – good, quality, pop/r&b). She also became ‘big in Japan’ for a while, as is par to the course. Then she took a break. Then in 2007, she came back with a single featuring Pras Michel of The Fugees, ‘Turn You On’. But it wasn’t very good. Nevertheless, she dragged him on tour around Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden. And then it went quite again.

But now she’s returned (with Pras at the heel again!) with ‘I Want It Bad’. And it’s bloody brilliant! Far better than ‘Turn You On’. It’s just a good ‘ol pop/r&b club track – but mainly pop – which is the way we like ’em. It’s got bubbly verses, a catchy chorus, and beats drowning in synths. And a rap from Mr Michel in the middle eight. It was written by (as well as Dede and Pras) Jonas Liberg – who’s also written for Charlotte Perrelli, Carola, and Shirley Clamp. And it was produced by Niklas Petersson, who’s produced material for Velvet and Agnes! Top calibre there!

Have a listen to the ‘banging’ tune at DeDe’s myspace; http://www.myspace.com/dedesound

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